Wood Stretcher Frame

Wood Stretcher Frame

Stretcher Bar Frames Ready to use for any DIY canvas project

More than 10, 000 feet of workshop for major supermarkets, galleries, import buyers, professional frame shop to provide a variety of wood stretcher bar frame production services. We ship more than one million wood stretcher bar frames each year to the United States, Canada, Australia, UK and Germany.

Our solid finger-jointed wood stretcher bar frames for canvas prints, constructed from eco-friendly plantation pine, are nailed by our trained staff—and all are pre-squared and arrive ready for your canvas. In addition to 60 standard sizes, we can do full custom canvas stretcher frames.

Assembled for easy use

We ship all our canvas stretcher bars pre-assembled so you can get to work right out of the box. We join our bars using a combination of picture framing v-nails. All our stretcher bars either have a lip or are angled to ensure your canvas is suspended above the timber, reducing the risk of shadow lines and making it easier to use for painting.

Variety of Profiles on Stretcher bar frame

The profiles on the stretcher bar should be slightly rounded. This has three advantages:- It allows the framer to see and obtain clear edges on images that have precise borders- It allows the canvas weave to "roll over" the profile rather than snap over a sharp edge which is a major cause of canvas cracking.

- It also increases the surface area of the frame, which reduces its friction with the canvas. This will make it easier to pull the canvas and make it more taught.

There are many different stretcher bar profiles, and many different styles of cutting the wood. So it is impossible to say anything is "standard." There are also many big regional differences in the style and cutting of the wood, due to the historical reasons. For the same reasons, the wood used for making stretcher bars differs a lot from country to country depending on the forest that is present. But most stretchers, to avoid warping is made in well dried Nordic pinewood sourced from Scandinavia, Russia, and Canada.

Another way in which stretcher bars can be strengthened is by having a cross brace inserted. It is advised that lengths over 40" or 1m be fitted with a cross brace. By doing this it ensures the wood will not warp and will hang flat. 

The use of stretcher bars in the home print market has become increasingly prominent with inkjet-printed canvas prints becoming more popular in the home. This has given a rebirth to this old technique used in the art market for so many years. 

Although artists use blank canvases and pre-stretched canvases in the art business. Stretcher bars are also used in picture framing when framers are framing things like sport shirts etc. Stretcher bars are used extensively in theatrical productions for framing material backdrops.When a photographer takes a picture then digitally transfers this onto a canvas via inkjet printing, he then stretches this over a stretcher frame. By wrapping the canvas all the way around the frame, known as gallery wrap, the photographer can then hang his picture on the wall, already framed.

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